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About ME

Hi there, I'm Donna! A restless wanderer,

a perpetual dreamer. I may be in my 40's now but that doesn't stop me from living the life that i love, the life of travel.

Instagrammable Spots in Seattle

I fell in love with Seattle even before visiting the place because of the movie Sleepless in Seattle. Yes, I have a "slight addiction" with romcoms. And so, I have always dreamed of having my own Sleepless in Seattle moment. Fast forward to my 20's, a previous work brought me to Seattle for the 1st time, and it did not disappoint. While it's not exactly a Sleepless in Seattle experience, I did fell in love with it. In my 30's, hubs (bf then)and I decided to spend a week there during which time the city is having a huge snow storm. We love the place so much, the weather only slightly bother us. Now in my 40's we decided to stay for a few days and enjoy it on a better weather, it was a chill, leisurely stay and have enjoyed some spots thoroughly.

Space Needle

Address: 400 Broad Street, Seattle

This is definitely the most iconic landmark in Seattle. A top tourist attraction and certainly one of the most visited monument in Seattle. Go upclose or enjoy it from a distance, a visit will not be complete without a photo op with the majestic space needle. If you want to take the extra mile for that Space Needle experience, enjoy the 360 panoramic view from the top floor.

Kerry Park

Address: 211 W Highland Dr., Seattle 98119

This park might be small but it has arguably the best view of the city and the space needle. A favorite of tourist and local photographers alike to take that iconic shot so its difficult to find this place empty. Just be patient, the crowd normally just come and go for a quick snap except for some photographers doing a time lapse or just waiting for that perfect shot.

Pike Place Market

Address: 85 Pike St., Seattle

A market so delightful, it draws hundreds of tourist on a daily basis. It has a vast array of options to see, buy & eat . As this is not only a tourist attraction but a fully functioning market as well, expect it to be jam-packed with people. So naturally, if you want a photo without tons of people go early. Pike Place is also a foodies haven, the clam chowder is must-try! While here, don't forget to meet Rachel the Piggy Bank (the Pike Market Foundation mascot) , do drop by the original starbucks store.

Union Station

401 S. Jackson St. Seattle WA 98104

Seattle just up the ante as to how a train hall should look like! A train station so grand that was turned into a special events venue and rented out for public events including weddings.

China Town-International District

I don't know about you, but for me Chinatown always holds a special charm. I have always been fascinated with their vibrant, ornate gates with traditional/typical Chinese gates design. Just a block away from the Union Station, don't miss this beautiful gate.

King Street Station

Address: 303 S. Jackson St., Seattle

Unlike the Union Station, this one is still operational, so it can get really busy at certain times.

Possibly the most opulent train station. The ornate details is so stunning that shoots are occasionally done.

Graffiti Walls around downtown

Photo 1 Coordinates:

Latitude: 47° 36’ 59.892” N

Longitude: 122° 21’ 1.968” W

Photo 2 Coordinates:

Latitude: 47° 36’ 46.188” N

Longitude: 122° 20’ 41.178” W

The graffiti game in Seattle is strong. Colorful street art and murals is a frequent sighting by the parking lots, random buildings around downtown. Just keep your eyes open and for sure you will find that perfect graffiti backdrop for your next IG photo.

Seattle Waterfront

Address: Seattle

The waterfront is brimming with activities and photo spots. There are various restaurants, souvenir shops and attractions. Shop for souvenirs or indulge in a seafood fest at the Miners Landing, ride the Seattle Great Wheel, visit the Seattle Aquarium, watch the cruise ships at the port of Seattle as they sail away, or just take a leisurely stroll and take photos. Whatever it is you choose to, it's guarantee to give you a fun time.

Discovery Park Seattle

Address: 3801 Discovery Park Blvd., Seattle 98199

Ok, not exactly in Seattle but if you need a quick respite from the urban jungle of downtown Seattle head to Discovery Park. This is the quickest and best getaway. Hike, have a picnic, relax and enjoy the view of the mountains on a clear day.

Edmonds Waterfront

Address: Sunset Avenue, S.Edmonds Washington

Beautiful sunset spot away from the city. Find a spot for quiet contemplation or enjoy the view of the passing ferries.

Plymouth Pillars Park

Address: 1050 Pike Street, Seattle 98101

We came across this park by accident. The columns/pillars reminiscent of a classical or neo classical architecture surely enticed me to take a photo. A great vantage of downtown Seattle, as well.

UPS Waterfall Garden Park

Address: 219 2nd Avenue S., Seattle 98104

Did you know that there is a waterfall right in the heart of Seattle downtown?! A hidden gem, i must say! A cocoon where you can seek refuge when the commotion of the city gets too much. This manmade waterfall is located at the original UPS building. Maintained well with tables and chairs where you can hang out or eat.

For budget travelers like me, all the spots I mentioned above are for free unless you decide to purchase or ride something. You can see more IG spots if you take time to wander around, you will never know what you will see strolling around.


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