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Nafplio: Ultimate Guide to the Old Town

Last winter we visited Nafplio for the first time, I was so enthralled that I vowed to come back when the flowers have bloomed. And so we did! The excitement I felt was as raw as the first time maybe more so, because of my insatiable love for flowers.

See below photos taken from the same spot but on different season. I have also blogged about that visit and you can check it out in IG Spots in Nafplio.

Old Town in Winter

Old Town in Spring

This time around, we just roam around the old town... with our endless strolls, picture taking, hanging out. Believe me when I say that the Old Town of Nafplio is treasure trove for instagrammers & photo enthusiasts; a paradise for flower lovers and blooms obsessed. The best thing... all these spots are in such close proximity from each other that I've visited my favorite spots over and over again during our stay. Below I have listed all the photo spots that we found and at the very end of this article is the exact location of all the mentioned places in Google maps.

Instagram Spots in Old Town

Sirma Tattoo Studio

Address: Αντωνοπούλων 6, Nafplio

Coordinates: Latitude: 37° 33’ 55.782” N

Longitude: 22° 47’ 59.592” E

Barely a minute after we arrived in Nafplio we immediately chanced upon my first dream blooms. Can I just say it's the perfect pink flower carpet welcome? Located ironically, by a tattoo shop called Sirma! Yes, flowers certainly is a dominant theme in the Old Town once it blooms that you can find it even in the most unexpected places.

Kalimera Breakfast

Address: Plapouta 1, Nafplio

Coordinates: Latitude: 37° 33’ 56.208” N

Longitude: 22° 47’ 56.07” E

No bougainvilleas here but a pretty site nonetheless. Kalimera is the Greek word for good morning and as the name suggest this charming restaurant offers a traditional Greek breakfast. Across the restaurant is this fence decor with potted plants and inspirational words/quotes.

Syntagma Square (Platia Syntagmatos)

Address: Syntagma Square, Nafplio

Coordinates: Latitude: 37° 33’ 55.128” N

Longitude: 22° 47’ 52.146” E

Said to be the heart of Nafplio, the Syntagma Square is where locals and tourists alike hang out, wine and dine. Apart from the tavernas and cafes surrounding Syntagma, several historical monuments can be found here - the Archeological Museum, Aga Pasha, Trianon Old School and the Parliament,

MaasaiMara (εργαστηρι μαριλου)

Address: Kotsopoulou 4, Nafplio

Coordinates: Latitude: 37°34'00.5"N

Longtitude: 22°47'52.2"E

I assert that all the bougainvilleas here each have their own unique personality, and this one I'd say is a sassy, flirty bougainvillea as its trunk is curved and cling flirtatiously at the corner of this pretty shop! The bike is a nice touch making it even more instagrammable.

Kyveli Suites

Address: Vasileos Alexandrou, 18-20 , Nafplio

Coordinates: Latitude: 37°34'00.4"N

Longtitude: 22°47'52.5"E

How quaint is this entrance to a hotel which is a restored 19th century building. This seat kinda makes me feel like a royalty or maybe just have a respite for my feet after non-stop exploring. No bougainvillea here but still very photo-worthy spot.

Taverna Byzantio (Vyzantio)

Address: Vasileos Alexandrou 15, Nafplio

Coordinates: Latitude: 37° 33’ 59.37” N

Longitude: 22° 47’ 53.814” E

I call this the "super blooms spot". This is my absolute favorite place in the Old Town. The abundance of the pink and purple bougainvillea is just ineffable.

Taverna The Old Mansion

Address: Athanasiou Siokou, Nafplio

Coordinates: Latitude: 37° 33’ 59.136” N

Longitude: 22° 47’ 53.766” E

Now, I'd say this is my husband's favorite spot! Of course, he never verbalized it and neither would he admit that he is into flowers. But the way that he keeps on pointing to this place whenever we pass by, or that he always want to take photos here is a clear indication that he favors this place more than any others.

Staikopoulou Street

A street not to be missed is the stretch of Staikopoulou Street. It is one of the main pedestrian streets lined with charming stores and pretty tavernas.

Kombolio Museum (Staikopoulou 25) , Caramel House (Staikopoulou 58) , Xantra Mou (Staikopoulou 27) are some spots that are photogenic from outside and interesting inside! In addition, below are are two of my favorite bougainvillea filled location from this street.

Petra Giftshop

Address: Staikopoulou 14, Nafplio

Coordinates: Latitude: 37° 33’ 55.704” N

Longitude: 22° 47’ 53.118” E

Yes, this is another favorite of mine! Can be really busy during daytime as it is a gift shop and across it is a souvenir shop. We still managed to get a photo without anybody else during the day but patience is required, also if you don't want the merchandise on your photo then go before 7:00 or 8:00 am

Ta Fanaria

Address: Staikopoulou 13, Nafplio

Coordinates: Latitude: 37° 33’ 56.13” N

Longitude: 22° 47’ 51.45” E

I just love the color combination of the pink door and pink bougainvillea and from whichever angle you look at it, it's just delighful and very Instagram worthy

Pension Omorfi Poli

Address: Emmanouil Sofroni 5

The area that I didn't managed to have my photo taken, lol. For some reason, this was never empty when we pass by, except that split second when I took this and I wasn't fast enough to position myself inside the frame. Oh well, c'est la vie! So have your photo taken here to make up for my lost chance lol.

Megalos Dromos

Address: Street of Vasileos Konstantinou

The main street from Syntagma Square is called the Great Road (Megalos Dromos) and is just overflowing with photo spots. I particularly love how the floor glistens and reflects the light at night or the sunlight in the morning.

MASKA Χειροποίητο Κόσμημα

Address: Vasileos Konstantinou 11, Nafplion

Coordinates: Latitude: 37° 33’ 56.784” N

Longitude: 22° 47’ 52.938” E

When we first visited in winter, this was my favorite store especially at night! The light of the store and the bike just made it so radiant. In spring, although the lights on the bike is gone, the bougainvillea gave it a different vibe.

Koustenis Ice Cream

Address: Vasileos Konstantinou, Nafplion

Coordinates: Latitude: 37° 33’ 55.836” N

Longitude: 22° 47’ 56.4” E

Not only did 'i scream for ice cream' but also 'take my photo' when I saw this place. And for sure, you will too.

Vassilissis Olgas, Nafplio

Coordinates: Latitude: 37° 34’ 1.086” N

Longitude: 22° 47’ 49.95” E

This street of Vassilissis Olgas facing the port of Nafplio will provide you the perfect backdrop of gray marble obelisk in Philhellenes Square and of course flowers on the side. The best landmark for this spot is La Grattela Trattoria.

Mikros Prigipas (Μικρος Πριγκιπας)

Address: Plapouta 3, Nafplio 21100

Coordinates: Latitude: 37° 33’ 55.248” N

Longitude: 22° 47’ 55.632” E

The bougainvillea adorning the balcony just reach so high that you can't miss this place as you shop for souvenirs and trinkets, and of course take photo.

Gelateria Di Piazza

Address: Vasileos Konstantinou 23

Coordinates: Latitude: 37° 33’ 56.7” N

Longitude: 22° 47’ 56.91” E

There is just something so endearing about hanging plants. If it's in place where you can also have your fix of sweet, then it's a total win!

War Museum

Address: Leof. Vasilisis Amalias 22

Coordinates: Latitude: 37° 33’ 58.488” N

Longitude: 22° 47’ 55.482” E

You'd probably say what's instagrammable about armaments and weaponry... well, you might be right! But the facade of this neo classical museum is quite photogenic! So have your photo outside and learn about history inside.

Random Stops

With a plethora of photo possibilities, stopping every few steps for a snap is a norm for picture lovers in the Old Town. So many spots in fact, that some of these are unlabelled or just a quick stops. Check out below places that you might like as well and its corresponding coordinates.

Latitude: 37° 34’ 2.07” N

Longitude: 22° 47’ 46.068” E

Latitude: 37° 33’ 57.168” N

Longitude: 22° 47’ 45.6” E

Latitude: 37° 33’ 55.854” N

Longitude: 22° 47’ 55.266” E

Latitude: 37° 33’ 54.942” N

Longitude: 22° 47’ 56.688” E

Latitude: 37° 33’ 55.176” N

Longitude: 22° 47’ 56.688” E

Latitude: 37° 33’ 56.64” N

Longitude: 22° 47’ 54.012” E

Latitude: 37° 34’ 0.576” N

Longitude: 22° 47’ 51.582” E

Latitude: 37° 33’ 56.358” N

Longitude: 22° 47’ 56.538” E

The Part Where I Screwed Up

I am obviously still a very amateur blogger, that when I see a pretty place all sense of mindfulness leaves me and after taking a photo forget to mark a place... and to make matters worse there is no number of label to help me pin it... like the ones below. However, if you just walk around Old Town, I'm certain you will find these place.

Outside Old Town

If you have covered every inch of the Old Town (not once, but twice or thrice like me), then venture out if you still have time to spare. I have previously written about Nafplio IG spots which you can check out here. Below are 2 location I have not mention in that blog, but is very close to the Old Town that it's definitely worth checking out.

Nafplio Railway Park

Address: Nafplion Railway Park

Coordinates: Latitude: 37° 33’ 55.53” N

Longitude: 22° 48’ 9.324” E

Modesty aside, this place probably looks better in photo than in person (you can reference it to me as well not just the place). Kidding aside, what I meant is I wish the place is better maintained or just made more interesting visually as a tribute to its history.

Kolokotronis Park

Address: Dervenakion 3, Nafplio

Coordinates: Latitude: 37° 33’ 57.972” N

Longitude: 22° 48’ 8.868” E

Theodoros Kolokotronis is an important and highly revered figure in Greek history. He is in fact a great hero of the Greek revolution, and this park is dedicated to him.

Not into Blooms?!

If you are a guy who is not really into cutesy places or blooms like my husband, don't worry there are still tons of subject for photography.


1. Avoid going here during the weekend or holidays. This is a favorite weekend/quick getaway of the Athenians, so its a bit more congested during the weekend.

2. If you want to take night photos, which I suggest you do, instead of doing it end of the day do it before the crack of dawn. Late nights for some tourists can really be late, most taverns are open till 2:00 am precisely to cater to night owls. If you had a full day of exploring on foot, chances are you will be too exhausted to wait for the streets to be empty that late. So just start early while it's still dark and you will shot two birds with one stone, have your night photos on empty streets and when dawn comes your day photos where the light is not that harsh yet.

3. If you happen to be in Nafplio on a Wednesday, then you are extra lucky because they have the weekly market that day. This is one thing i really enjoy in Greece, buying fresh produce from the weekly market, and I must say it doesn't get any more local than this.

Coordinates: Latitude: 37° 33’ 55.872” N

Longitude: 22° 48’ 2.106” E or just ask the local where it is.

How to go to Nafplio

You can go to Nafplio either with a private transportation, taxi (expect it to be expensive though) or via a KTEL bus. Nafplio is connected to other major Greek cities via KTEL of Argolida prefecture. For information on bus routes and schedule check here.

From Athens

The provincial KTEL bus station servicing Nafplio is located Kifisou. Duration of the bus ride from Athens to Nafplio is approximately 2hours and 10 minutes. Bus to Naflio is located in Platform 36. You can purchase your ticket online for €23 (2 way ticket).

How to get to KTEL Kifisou Station

In order to get to the station you can use the bus, subway or metro.Depending on where you are coming from Bus 051, X93, and 420, Train via Platform 3, Platform 3B, Subway M 2.

If you are coming from the airport, use X93 which takes approximately an hour and 10 minutes for €6.

The bus stop in Nafplio is in the old town. It doesn’t have a terminal but there is a ticketing office with paid restroom and luggage storage. So if your hotel check in is much later than your arrival and you would want to start exploring, you can deposit your stuff for €2.

Where to stay

If money is not an issue stay in the old town. Choose one of the hotels with the view of the bourtzi castle, or stay in one of the hotels right in the old town. If you are on a budget, you can find budget stays a few km away. In the old town you can get a fab room for less than €100, while outside you can find an Airbnb for as low as €16. Sign up for Airbnb and get a $35 off by clicking this.

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Locations of all the Photo Stops mentioned in this blog:


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