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About My Blog


For us, traveling starts with research. I have always refer to blogs in the process of creating our 'DIY' itinerary.

I reckon that everybody have different travel styles... but if you are into photography and budget to mid-range travel maybe i can impart some tips and you can learn from my mistakes.

While i have build a strong following in my IG travel acount, it took me awhile to blog because of my fear of grammar nazis. So if you are an erudite expecting a literary piece this is not the one for you. It will mostly be locations, experiences, some tips and plenty of photos.

About Me


About My Other Half


Hi there, I am Donna! So here i am at 41, still living the nomadic life, still twirling, still taking tons of photos..and now blogging.

Some say im having a mid life crisis... oh well, if that means living the life that i love and doing the things that im passionate about... so be it!

I am actually 1/2 of a travel couple. Yes, i have a IG husband who is responsible for 95% of my beautiful photos here and in IG. This is not to say I don't do anything. It is a partnership and a collaborative effort - i do research, conceptualize, and what i envision he turned into reality with my constant NAGGING!

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