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Attractions/IG Spots in Athens

You can cover some of the major attractions in Athens in a day, of which I have previously written about that here. However, there are so much more to see in Athens that a part 2 of that blog is mandatory. So if you have more time allotted in Athens here is a list of additional tourist attractions that you might want to visit and breathe in more the history of Greece.

National Garden

Address: Leoforos Vasilissis Amalias, Athens 10557

Metro Station: Syntagma Line 2 & 3


37° 58’ 24.162” N

23° 44’ 8.676” E

Nature lovers and solitude seekers will surely love this oasis in the midst of bustling Athens. A public park where locals hang out or do their daily work out. It covers about 16 hectares, with an abundant species of flowers, plants and birds. Unlike most parks, here you will find ancient pillars, columns and mosaics. You can chill at one of its pavilions, observe its flora and fauna, discover ancient artifacts and of course take tons of photos.

This garden still falls in the category of historical having been created in 1838. The iconic palm trees which you would see from the main entrance (Amalias Ave.) is planted by the 1st queen of Greece, Queen Amalia herself.


Address: Leof. Vasilissis Olgas, Athens 10557

Metro Station: Syntagma Line 2 & 3


37° 58’ 13.278” N

23° 44’ 8.49” E

Zappeion is an extension of the National Garden. A Neo classical architecture built originally for the revival of the modern olympics in conjunction with the Panathenaic Stadium . Currently, it is used as a conference & exhibition centre. Public entry to the hall is allowed from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, but the surrounding area is open 24 hours. This is one of my favourite running/walking` spot in Athens.

If you are here during summer be sure to experience the outdoor open air cinema, Aegli which is next to the hall. This typically operates from May - September. Also around May - June, check out the beautiful jacaranda trees that turns into beautiful purple canopy.

Panathenaic Stadium/Kallimarmaro

Address: Leof. Vasileos Konstantinou, Athens 11635


Metro Stations: Acropolis, Syntagma, Evangelismos

Bus: Red 550, Yellow 2, 4, 10, 11, Green 90, 209


37° 96’ 83” N

23° 74’ 11” E

Panathenaic Stadium is within a spitting distance of the Zappeion as its history is closely linked with each other. Built in 338 BC, then renovated for the first modern Olympic Games in 1896. Panathenaic is known to locals as Kallimarmaro or "the beauty made of marble". As what its names stands for, it is made entirely of marble that has endured and withstood the test of time.

My advise, ditch the heels and wear a comfortable foot wear. This way you can chanel your inner athlete and run a lap around the track and satiate the thespian in you. Then stand by the Winner's Podium for that iconic photo! Other cool photo spots that you shouldn't miss, 1.walk up to the centre top tier of the stadium seats that will certainly showcase how grandiose the stadium is, 2.on the left side of the stadium the Acropolis is visible so that will also give you a nice minimalist photo with the Acropolis on the backdrop. 3. check out the tunnel from the right side of the stadium which leads to a museum near the back. If you are done taking photos, check out the museum. If you are a sports fanatic then this is something truly special.

Tip: If you want to skip the fees or unable to visit during the opening hours, you can view it from outside or from the top of the Ardittos Hill which can be accessed from the side of the stadium. Locals love to run here or see the sunset.

Olympic Sports Complex

Address: Maroussi, Athens

Metro: Eirini Station


38° 2’ 30.378” N

23° 47’ 4.206” E

Greece is the birthplace of Olympics, and has hosted the modern olympics twice. The Olympics sports complex has hosted several important sports events the most significant of which is the 2004 Olympics. The complex has once seen its glory, but signs of deterioration are quite obvious due to lack of maintenance. Despite this, the architecture itself is beautiful and still worth checking. In addition, it's still a photo worthy spot especially during sunset, even sunrise.

Hadrian's Library

Address: K Areos 3, Athens

Metro Stations: Monastiraki Line 2 & 3


37° 58’ 31.776” N

23° 43’ 32.928” E

One of the underrated ruins in Athens. Located right in the heart of Plaka, it's one of the most accessible ancient sites in Athens, with just a fence separating it from the street. To be honest, you can easily see everything from outside and even take photos (like these photos posted here.)

Although not much of its structure is left, traces of its magnificent structure that used to housed books and held music and lecture is still evident in the columns and pillars that was undeniably built to impress.


Address: Leoforos Vasilisis Amalias 133

Metro Stations: Syntagma Line 2 & 3


37° 58’ 31.422” N

23° 44’ 7.926” E

Syntagma is the central square of Athens where historical events has transpired and major political affairs often takes places.

At the top of the square is the Parliament and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. From here witness the changing of the presidential guards or elite soldiers called Evzones every hour.

On Sunday, at 11:00 am historical anniversaries, including the Greek Independence Celebration the full ceremony just takes on a grander scale with an impressive choreography with the evzones garbed in their traditional outfit and accompanied by the military band.

During the holidays, Syntagma is all decked out for the festivities.

Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center

Address: Leoforos Andrea Siggrou Kallithea

Bus: 550 (most common), A1, B1, 130 (from Piraeus)


37° 56’ 23” N

23° 41’ 30” E

If you want to take a break from ancient ruins and see some modern architecture, then head on to the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Center. A significant architectural landmark in Athens well loved by the locals for the multitude of activities and events it holds.The Greek National Opera and the National Library of Greece can be found in the complex of SNFCC

Plaka, Monastiraki & Psyri

These three neighbouring district is a must visit when in Athens. Vibrant, bustling with life and pulsating with history is descriptive of these neighbourhood.


If you are on the hunt for Greek delicacies and souvenirs, this is the place to be. You can also find vintage and second hand items from the flea market. I love Monastiraki and have explored and hang out here countless of times and each time I find it enjoyable and exciting. Doing simple things like drinking an espresso freddo, eating a koulouri or crepe, buying seasonal Greek fruits, or shopping for souvenirs are simple joys that I cherished in Monastiraki.

It can be crowded but the buzz and life pulsating from this place is something that just makes you feel so alive as well.

Worth checking out is the Monastiraki Metro Station which is one of the oldest metro station in Athens.

Some of the best hotels and rooftop bars with great view of the Acropolis is situated in Monastiraki.


Plaka is located at the foot of the Acropolis, between Syntagma and Monastiraki. The oldest street in Europe, Tripodon Street can be found in Plaka.This slopes leading to the Acropolis is steeped in history which also came to be known as the "Neighbourhood of the Gods". Along with ancient ruin, this neighbourhood is lined with countless tavernas, quant shops adding to Plaka's authentic charm


Just behind Monastiraki Square is the cute neighbourhood of Psiri. Small but packed with cute tavernas, instagrammable cafes and hip bars and street arts. those into nightlife then place has a lot to offer. This place will keep you thoroughly entertained.

PIN for Later, Loves!


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