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Autumn in Toronto / Ontario: Beautiful Spots to Take Photos

Starting this blog with reminders in relation to Corona Virus:

  • Confirm hours and/or closure prior to visit.

  • Follow the code of conduct in every park you are visiting. Practice common sense & courtesy.

  • Travel safe, practice social distancing, wear your mask and/or whatever the park is requiring .

  • Avoid crowd. If you see a place congested move to another park, Toronto have thousands of beautiful park.

  • For the latest update and information on Ontario Parks and Covid be sure to check out their site before planning any trip.

  • For information on Toronto and Covid, click here.

  • Check for fall foliage forecast here.

Toronto is beautiful regardless of the season, but in autumn it is a tad bit more special as the entire city transform into a painting of red, orange and yellow hues that is sure to take your breath away.

Canada is colors galore during this magical season that fall foliage can be viewed literally anywhere even right out of your window.

Taken in the neighborhood of our friend's house

For sure, you will not have a shortage of photo in Toronto during autumn, on the other hand it can be overwhelming. The City of Toronto after all has over 3 million trees and about 1437 named parks, truly a city within a park! The Province Ontario have around 300 listed parks.

The last 2 autumns we have spent in Toronto, exploring, taking endless walks (if you have been reading my blog, you'd probably know that this phrase is synonymous to me/descriptive of me). As we had the luxury of time we managed to go around and find beautiful spots. If you don't have ample time to wander without aim and want specific locations, check my favorite spots below in the City of Toronto, GTA, and even added 2 from the province of Ontario.

Milne Dam Conservation Park

Address: 8251 McCowan Road,

Markham On L3P3J3

Coordinates: Latitude: 43° 51’ 51.408” N

Longitude: 79° 16’ 45.054” W

For visit during Covid check out:

A 305 acre park of wonderland of coloured trees, the fall foliage here is definitely a feast for the eyes. You will FALL in love autumn-matically with this place as I did!

Specifically, my favorite photo location here is the spot below (exact coordinate above) just near the entrance. The two rows of trees provide the perfect canopy of autumn leaves for the best autumn scenery.

Apart from fall foliage, enjoy bird viewing as well as it is a stop off point for migratory birds. Indulge in various nature activities as the park offers fishing, picnic spots, and trails.

Toronto Necropolis

Address: 200 Winchester St., Toronto,


Coordinates: Latitude: 43° 40’ 3.654” N

Longitude: 79° 21’ 41.232” W

Before I get bashed and hated on for putting a necropolis on this list, let me say that the spots where we took photos have no graves.

If you find the thought of taking photos in a cemetery morbid, the Toronto Necropolis might just change your mind. It is so enchantingly beautiful, that I wouldn't even describe it as eerie but more as having romantic vibe, so much so that engagement and even wedding photoshoots takes place here. It is so serene that couples goes here for a date, a stroll or a jog.

Harbourfront Park

Address: 265 Queens Quay W,

Toronto, ON M5V 1A2


Latitude: 43° 38’ 15.942” N

Longitude: 79° 23’ 11.892” W

Toronto's most iconic landmark is definitely the CN tower. In autumn my favorite spot to take photo of it is from the harbourfront which not only capture the magnificence of the CN tower but of the beauty of fall as well. These crimson leaves provides a perfect frame for the tower

Sunnybrook Park

Address: 1132 Leslie St.

Toronto, Ontario


Latitude: 43° 43’ 32.754” N

Longitude: 79° 21’ 18.354” W

This is one of the first parks we have been and where I saw the first tree that made me "oohh" with delight. Of course, we've seen so many more similar trees that are just fabulous or even better, but the sentimental in me just makes this tree special. This enormous park is color explosion in fall, with all shades of color surrounding the place and carpeting the ground with fallen leaves.

Wilket Creek Park

Address: Toronto, ON


Latitude: 43° 43’ 54.696” N

Longitude: 79° 21’ 31.992” W

Not far from Sunnybrook is yet again another stunning autumn destination, Wilket Creek Park. Any other time of the year, this could have been just another one of the many trails in Toronto, but in fall with the eruption of fall colors it's just mesmerizing.

High Park

Address: 1873 Bloor St. W, Toronto

Ontario M6R2Z3


Latitude: 43° 38’ 37.344” N

Longitude: 79° 27’ 58.152” W

One of the most popular parks in Toronto frequented by locals and tourist alike all year round due to its easy accessibility and close proximity to the center. It is a winter wonderland in winter, Cherry Blossom spot for spring, lush green in summer but an explosion of colors in autumn.

Don Valley Brick Works Park

Address: 550 Bayview Avenue

Ontario, M4W 3X8


Latitude: 43° 41’ 8.178” N

Longitude: 79° 21’ 54.09” W

Walk the easy hiking trails as you enjoy the autumn sight of vibrant leaves falling all around you. At some point, you will also be rewarded with a view of downtown and the CN tower. The juxtaposition between the Toronto skyline and the rich wildlife and vegetation gives you an oasis of unexpected stillness and serenity in the midst of urban jungle .

Markham Village

Address: Markham North,

Ontario, L3P1Y5


Latitude: 43° 52’ 45.75” N

Longitude: 79° 15’ 39.006” W

Historic city center of Markham characterized of old charm reminiscent of Romantic European old towns. Kept beautifully and well maintained with streets adorned with flower year long but of course the autumn colors just added that special touch.

Guild Park & Gardens

Address: 201 Guildwood Pkwy., Scarborough


Latitude: 43° 44’ 46.998” N

Longitude: 79° 11’ 31.908” W

What sets this park apart from the other parks in Toronto are the pillars and columns that adorns it. In autumn the structures are surrounded with trees in various shade making it a truly majestic fall scenery, a guaranteed eye pleaser. A truly fascinating place that draws photographers (local & tourists alike) to conduct various photo shoots particularly engagement and wedding shoots.

Toronto University

Address: 27 King's College Cir.,

Toronto, ON


Latitude: 43° 39’ 59.682” N

Longitude: 79° 23’ 31.986” W

I dare say, the most beautiful campus in Toronto. If you want more than just trees and nature in your photo, then swap the parks for a school campus and head on to Toronto University. Within the campus, is a beautiful ground that will Harry Potter vibes.

Valley View Park

Address: Markham, Toronto


Latitude: 43° 49’ 57.18” N

Longitude: 79° 23’ 26.328” W

More than just a park, if you explore it a little more its like an enchanting forest.

Great place not just for leaf peeping but to enjoy the serenity of being close with mother nature. Top notch autumn foliage that is particularly beautiful when the sun hits the leaves and gives it a golden translucent shade.

Crothers Woods

Address: Crothers Woods Trail,

East York, ON M4H


Latitude: 43° 41’ 48.702” N

Longitude: 79° 21’ 44.256” W

A favorite among local cyclists, dog owners and hike/walk lovers seeking a short escape from the city and break the monotonous cycle of metropolis life! In fall one is sure to be rewarded with autumn spectacle and the glorious crumpling sound of leaves as you walk or the rustle of the trees and the shower of multi colored leaves when the wind breeze through.

Rouge National Urban Park

Address: Zoo Rd., Toronto

Ontario M1B 5W8


Latitude: 43° 52’ 13.956” N

Longitude: 79° 15’ 6.912” W

As the largest urban park in North America, this park surely has a lot to offer, scenic landscape, streams, beautiful easy trails. A fantastic fall spot you will certainly fall in love with the spectrum of colours.

Edwards Garden

Address: 755 Lawrence Ave. E, North York

ON, M3C 1P2


Latitude: 43° 44’ 2.766” N

Longitude: 79° 21’ 29.22” W

Another beautiful park/garden beautifully maintained and with so much facilities compared to other parks but can get really packed because of school excursions or organized tours regular held here.

L'Amoreaux Park

Address: L'amoreaux Park,

Scarborough, ON


Latitude: 43° 48’ 39.432” N

Longitude: 79° 18’ 27.924” W

Breath in the fresh autumn air in yet another park that offers a yellow, red and orange extravaganza. Spot birds in this oasis of nature.

Trinity Bellwoods Park

Address: 790 Queen St.,

Toronto, ON M6J 1G3


Latitude: 43° 38’ 48.522” N

Longitude: 79° 24’ 51.504” W

Great spot for a picnic as you marvel at the autumn foliage and the sight of the CN tower and Toronto Skyline. If you are a sports fanatic, then you can play games here too. A favorite sunset spot among locals.

Mt. Pleasant Cemetery

Address: 375 Mt.Pleasant Rd.

Toronto, ON M4T 2V8


Latitude: 43° 41’ 37.938” N

Longitude: 79° 23’ 40.788” W

Another cemetery, but if you are about finding beauty in the most unexpected places or taking off beaten track, then this is the place. The vibrant autumn colors is simply a sight to behold here.

Toronto Island

Address: Ontario, Canada


Latitude: 43° 37’ 36.888” N

Longitude: 79° 21’ 26.988” W

Need a break from the city, but don't have a lot of time?! Head on to Toronto Island. There is more color in the island than what my photos are showing, i just got so caught up in taking photos of the Toronto skyline.

June Rowland Park

Address: 220 Davisville Ave.,

Toronto, ON


Latitude: 43° 42’ 1.518” N

Longitude: 79° 23’ 21.198” W

This park maybe small in size, but it's definitely big in colors. Not overly popular, so it's calm and tranquil.

Province Of Ontario

Two places that stole my heart are actually outside of Toronto, hence I am adding it to this list. If you have time to spare and want to go for leaf peeping at its finest then these spots are a must visit! The drive in itself is already breath taking, so sitting in a car for an hour or so is not vain.

Dorset Lookout Tower

Address: 1109 Dorset SE


Latitude: 45° 15’ 4.536” N

Longitude: 78° 53’ 34.29” W

For Covid Information:

Dorset is a popular foliage destination, and understandably so, as you can see from the photos it is a spectacular display of brilliant pallette of yellow, orange and red.

Colors in Canada during fall is a regular sighting, everywhere you turn is a colored tree but some places are just more glorious than others. Venture out into the countryside and take the three hour drive is more than worth it as it just about the most beautiful ride. Photos just doesn't do this place any justice

Dundas Peak (*reservation required)

Address: Harvest Rd., Dundas

Ontario, ON L9H 5K7


Latitude: 43° 16’ 27.48” N

Longitude: 79° 58’ 8.358” W


Main draw is the resplendent view from Dundas Peak lookout spot. A favorite selfie spot of instagrammers and daredevils, do exercise extreme caution and avoid crazy antics and stay within marked trails to avoid fatalities.

The view is stunning year round but even more spectacular in fall, it's like watching multi colored broccoli beneath you. Certainly, one of the most beautiful spots to enjoy fall colors. In addition, it is home to 2 scenic waterfalls Tews falls & Webster Falls.

This list is small, compared to what Toronto/Ontario has to offer. That being said, I cannot wait to explore more next fall and add places to this list.

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