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Naxos, Greece: The Prettiest IG Spots in Chora

Chora of Naxos is the quintessential cycladic town that we all love. There is an undeniable charm in its typical cycladic architecture of whitewashed cubic building with a pop of color (frequently blue), its narrow labyrinth of alleys and its bougainvillea lined structures.

Getting lost in the maze is an exciting way to explore Chora. But if you are pressed for time, then here is a cheat sheet. I'm sharing some of my favourite and prettiest spots for your reference so you can pin the location.

Metaxi Mas

Chora, Naxos

37° 6’ 26.178” N 25° 22’ 32.736” E

Nothing speaks more cycladic than Metaxi Mas. Occupying a small strip in the labyrinth, but the photo possibilities is countless. A minuscule change in the angle or perspective, will give you an entirely different photo.

TIP: As this is a small taverna in a busy narrow strip, combining dining and having a photoshoot is not a very good idea. You would most likely be disturbing other diners. I'd suggest dining at different time and come back to take photo when its not in operation.

Taverna Apostolis

Μαγγανιτης, Naxos

37° 6’ 25.848” N 25° 22’ 32.376” E

Easily accessed from the north entrance of the Old Town and literally separated by a flight of stairs from Metaxi Mas is this tavern. All the ornamental details from the hanging lanterns, the yellow bike makes it very instagrammable. You will surely spice up your feed with photos from every nook and cranny of this restaurant. It is full of charm at daytime, while at night it transform into an romantic yet lively setting when the lantern light are turned on and the musician starts entertainment.

Vasillis Garden

Chora, Naxos

37° 6.43’ N 25° 22.5107’ E

Tucked in the Old Market Area, Vassilis Garden started in 1951, way before IG made intagrammable cafes a thing.

It has been serving not only great food but gorgeous aesthetics as well.

Add color to your feed with these colourful potted plants. This is what every plant-Tito and plant-Tita's ultimate dream is made of. If you are not into that category, then its certainly an instagram idyllic setting.

Taverna Authentic Greek Cuisine

Protopapadaki, Chora (Sea Front)

37° 06’ 15.5” N 25° 22’ 32.1” E

Visually pleasing is an understatement to describe this pink prettiness. Among the many taverns in the seafront dotting the main road of the port, Taverna Authentic Greek Cuisine is a standout . You won't miss this place as it's enormous floral decor calls you out and demands to be photographed.

Flamingo Restaurant

Sea Front, Naxos Town

37° 6’ 15.222” N 25° 22’ 33.186” E

Flamingo restaurant is located just a few steps from Taverna Authentic Greek Cuisine. The expansive bougainvillea canopy does not only supply shade on a sweltering day but a fab backdrop for your IG photo too! Secure a seat before the sun sets, and savor that magic hour with a drink. At any other time, you still get a bedazzling view of the harbour.

Swing Cocktail Bar

Protopapadaki, Chora

37° 6’ 14.64” N 25° 22’ 32.484” E

Swing Cocktail Bar is located right across the Flamingo Restaurant, in the seaside road of Chora. This bar have terraces that offers superb views and great cocktails. But a favourite spot for photo is the staircase with an inspirational quote - that is next level!

Waffle House

Dimokritou St. Naxos

37° 6’ 13.212” N 25° 22’ 33.318” E

If you can have a waffle (or some other dessert) and take beautiful photos too, then that is a sure winner. Definitely a sweet spot for those with sweet tooth and sweet affinity for IG photos.

Honey & Cinnamon Cocktail Bar (Meli & Kanela)

Pradouna St., Old Town Chora

37° 6’ 16.008” N 25° 22’ 38.754” E

Venture inside the Chora labyrinth and you will find one of the coolest bars in Old Town, Meli & Kanela. It has an inside seating with beautiful interior. It also has a courtyard that's pleasantly decorated with lovely little details. This bar is the perfect combination of picturesque spot and a cozy relaxing atmosphere ambience. As soon as night falls and the lights hanging on the tree and lamps are turned on, this place transforms into a intimate setting.

To Kati Allo

Chora, Naxos

37° 06’ 23.6” N 25° 22’ 30.09” E

If a place is coordinated with my outfit, I'm calling it 'instagrammable". Kidding aside, I do love the austere rustic charm of To Kati Allo. After all, there is beauty in simplicity too. A place doesn't always have to be flamboyant and over the top to be categorized as 'pretty' or 'instagrammable'.

Fleur d'or

Alxinoros & Kokkoo

37° 6’ 23.43” N 25° 22’ 32.334” E

Fleur d'or is a charming handmade jewellery shop. Do check out and treat yourself yourself to some of their pretty pieces. Afterwards take some pretty photos of their pretty alley. Don't you just love it when you hit two birds with one stone, definitely a win-win situation.

Hotel Panorama

Apollonos & Dionysos, Chora

37° 6’ 24.012” N 25° 22’ 35.286” E

This arched passageway with a massive bougainvillea is an absolute showstopper. Isn't this place just the perfect spot for the perfect IG photo to jazz up your feed?! Need i say more, i think the photos here already speaks for itself.

Burgos Studios

Hora, Naxos

37° 06’ 23.1” N 25° 22’ 35.5” E

Burgos Studios is situated next to the Venetian Castle. While its interior screams Cycladic its quirky exterior design is quite unique to Chora. Its spells fun and super adorable that even Kittys hang out and play with it!

Rooms Maria

37° 6’ 13.548” N 25° 22’ 33.504” E

Hora, Naxos

Another flower filled narrow alley, but hey that means another photo spot for your IG! The minimalist windows, white washed outlined flagstone, all contribute to this delightful IG location.

Naxian Fleur

Chora, Naxos

37° 06’ 16.4” N 25° 22’ 38.5” E

While there are flowers everywhere in Chora, not everyone comes with a table and chair for you to perch on while you take a selfie. The contrasting color of the chair and bougainvillea will give your IG that pop that it deserves.

Melimilon Pantry

Chora, Naxos

37° 06’ 25.8” N 25° 22’ 32.0” E

This is a quaint shop selling homemade delights made from local products. Take not only the local flavors from Melimilon but also photos from their wonderfully decorated shop.

Just look at how instagrammable this red door is made even prettier by flower arch?! But then, so is the staircase beside it!

Atelier Jewelry Nassos

Αγιου Νικοδημου

37° 06’ 25.8” N 25° 22’ 32.0” E

You can find Jewelry Nassos right next to Melimilon. This is the core of a minimalist Cycladic design. Austere yet it pulls you right in! A color palette so distinctly Cycladic.

Tereza's Greek Concept Store

Faraggas Area, Chora

37° 6’ 16.842” N 25° 22’ 35.676” E

Another minimalist style, then that will make your heart swoon with delight. Understated in style yet packs a punch in charm.

Abandoned Building

Chora, Naxos

37° 6’ 14.406” N 25° 22’ 28.29” E

Who wants a photo in an abandoned building?! Well, if its flower filled, I'm sure you would. The juxtaposition between decadence and blooms is simply enchanting.

Notoz Garden

Chora, Naxos

37° 6’ 20.82” N 25° 22’ 31.14” E

There is beauty in the flawed and imperfect and that perfectly sums up this spot! I love it so much that i'd take a photo each time I pass here.

To end, I love strolling around Chora and so should you. There are countless spots made for photography and for sure you will find more hidden gems than I did.

As you can see there is no lacking of instagrammable spots here. From cafes, hotels, corners, shops, even abandoned buildings. Suffice it to say that it is a photographer and instagrammers dream. So make sure to explore every postcard worthy spot of this underrated yet stunning island (and its Chora) on your next visit to Greece.

Pin for Later, Loves!


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