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INSTAGRAM spots for the Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate certainly ranks as one of the top (if not the top) tourist attraction in San Francisco. A golden span so iconic that it has been featured countless of times in postcards, ref magnets, magazine covers and the likes.

This magnificent structure can be seen from several points, so sightseeing and photography is not confined in one area. In fact, there are so many vantage point that for first time visitors like me the options can certainly be overwhelming.

So with our limited time we had to narrow it down to what we deemed to be most efficient in terms of time and public transportation (only) usage plus we also wanted to see other sights. Suffice it to say that all below mentioned places can be easily done in a day (with the inclusion of other tourist attractions).

North Side

  • Battery Spencer/Marin Headlands

Address: Conzelman Road, Sausalito


Latitude: 37° 49’ 39.576” N Longitude: 122° 28’ 53.664” W

The view here is breathtakingly beautiful, you can really feel the magnitude of the Golden Gate with San Francisco behind it.

We hike here from the Vista Point Parking. It's a scenic uphill walk (at some point) so I was panting of course but I'm pretty sure a lot of people would categorize this as an easy hike. For those who are not into walking, this is accessible by cars, do take note though that parking is limited. So try to come early when people come and go sporadically so its not overly crowded.

  • North Vista Point Parking

Address: Sausalito, San Francisco


Latitude: 37° 49’ 55.902” N Longitude: 122° 28’ 47.37” W

I'll be honest, this is not part of our plan and just a one quick photo stop as it is near the bus drop-off and conveniently on the way to Battery Spencer. But hey, the view here is good and if you find this place not crowded, then consider yourself lucky and take that opportunity to take photos.

On a side note, before you report me to fashion police for my outfit which is winter on top, summer inside, there is a plausible explanation..believe me if there is something I learn about the weather is San Francisco is to layer! The weather change as fast as i change my mind... chilly & windy one minute and hot and sunny the next.

South Side

  • Golden Gate Bridge Welcome Center

Address: Golden Gate Bridge, Coastal Trail, SF


Latitude: 37° 48’ 28.974” N Longitude: 122° 28’ 34.38” W

With the amount of people who were here, I’d say that this is an ultimate tourist stop for the Golden Gate! 99.9% of my friends who visit San Francisco go to this spot for a photo. So beforehand we knew it is going to be packed when we go here, but I wanted to walk across the golden gate so we made it part of our itinerary. We still manage to take photo without another person but you have to work with an angle.

  • Golden Gate Pedestrian Walkway

The East Side of the bridge is the Pedestrian Walkway. My intention here is more for the experience of walking in this engineering masterpiece rather than for photo sesh, but if you can capture it, why not right?

  • Golden Gate Overlook at the Presidio

Address: Langdon Ct., SF 94129


Latitude: 37° 48’ 13.926” N Longitude: 122° 28’ 36.138” W

After coming from the very crowded area of the GG Welcome Center where every tourist seem to be, this area is just a breath of fresh air. Though there are people around, it is not congested!

I have seen beautiful photos of the GG Bridge twin tower framed by 2 Cypress tress in Instagram, and wanted to take our version of it from here.

  • Battery West Trail View

Part of the Battery to Bluff Trail but you need not take the entire trail and just take the below coordinate on the west side along the edge of the cliff for the exact location of this spot.

Latitude: 37° 48’ 13.59” N Longitude: 122° 28’ 40.314” W

I love this spot! I feel like this is my hidden nook, because nobody else was here thus i am able to have an enjoyable quiet moment while observing the bustle of the car and people on the Golden Gate. I'm guessing not many people take photo here, because a local even commented when i posted this in instagram "cool but not real".

  • Baker Beach

Address: Bowley St.and Gibson Rd. SF 94129


Latitude: 37° 48’ 13.926” N Longitude: 122° 28’ 36.138” W

I think this is my favorite spot of all the places we've been to take a photo with the Golden Gate. There are so much photo possibility with the bay, the rocks, the sailboats passing, even the birds. This is a great spot for sunset and night photography, plus you can play with long exposure shots. And even with the crowd, as it is a long stretch of shore (1 mile) that taking a photo is relatively easy. We also stayed here the longest just sitting by the shore and waiting for the sun to set.

So there you have it, the photo spots we managed to go to during our short stay in San Francisco. There are plenty more spots on my radar, that I am dreaming of one day revisiting this city.




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