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Hi there, I'm Donna! A restless wanderer,

a perpetual dreamer. I may be in my 40's now but that doesn't stop me from living the life that i love, the life of travel.

Nafplio INSTAGRAM Spots

Greece is especially famed for the Acropolis and the Greek Isle, but the mainland also abounds with great beauty, rich history, hidden/underrated gems and of course IG spots.

Nafplio is one of them. Approximately an hour and half away from Athens, this is a great addition to your Greece Itinerary.

Nafplio is the 1st capital of the Kingdom of Greece

If you are a photo enthusiast, the possibilities here are endless. The best part is that you are not constantly waiting for your turn to take photo, or be in line to get a shot with the perfect backdrop. In addition, I don’t think the social media is saturated with millions of photos from here. So if you are looking for a romantic, chill place to be and at the same time feed your passion for photography, then Nafplio is the place for you.


Fee: Free

Hours: 24 Hours

Address: Fotomara 4, Nafplio 21100

Bourtzi Castle framed by the cactus in Acronauplia

In Acronauplia you will see remnants of the oldest castle in Nafplio. The castle may not be intact, but there are plenty of nook and cranny from the thick castle walls where you can take beautiful photos.

This mini tunnel overlooking the Argolic Gulf is one of my favorite spots here. In case you are a K-drama fanatic like me, the series Chocolate have some scenes filmed here.

It is accessible by car, but best explored on foot. This way you can explore all the walls, bastions, gates and castle (or what remains of it) and enjoy the various views of Nafplio... from seaport, town, Palamidi Castle, Argolic sea, Bourtzi Castle.

Arvanitia Coastal Promenade

Fee: Free

Hours: 24 Hours

Address: Arvanitias, Nafplio 21100

A short (about a kilometer) but delightful walk along the coast recommended by our Airbnb Host. The canopy made of rock formation is my absolute favorite spot to take photo here! We went here twice because i wanted to have the flare of the sunlight hitting the rocks.

Fortress of Palamidi

Fee: 4 euro (Winter), 8 euro (Summer)

Address: Palamidi, Nafplio 21100

Hours: 8:30 - 15:30 (Winter Hours)

8:00 - 20:00 (Summer Hours)

Last entrance is 20 minutes before closing time.

Palamidi Fortress as seen from Acronauplia

Palamidi is the most dominant landmark of Naflio. Situated at 216 m. foothill, it is visible from all parts of Nafplio. In comparison to the Acronauplia, this 300 year old Venetian Castle is in a great condition.

While you can take photos from down, with the fortress as your background, I'd recommend going to the site and exploring it as well. Challenge yourself to walk up the 857 steps, or take a cab or a hop on/hop off bus. A good compromise would be to take a taxi to go up and walk down the steps.

View from here is without a doubt, breathtaking, walk around so you get to enjoy a 360 panaroma. Numerous photo spots... you can either take photos in the fortress channelling your inner royalty if you want to dress up (like somebody i know, ahemm), or with the Nafplio Panorama as your backdrop. You can literally have any part of Nafplio as your backdrop.

Bourtzi Castle & the Harbour

Address: Bourtzi, Nafplio 22110

In an islet right in the middle of the harbour of Nafplio you will find the Bourtzi Castle. This is accessible by a ferry from the port all year round for 4.50 euro. During lean season however, you will have to contact the ferry operators if you wish to visit the castle.

We initially planned to go to the castle but the locals from where we dined told as its not a good idea since a construction is on going with the castle.

I personally didn't mind that I didn't get to go to the castle, as the harbour have plenty of spots to take photos with Bourtzi. The seafront is lined with cafes and restaurants. For those who only wish to enjoy the view, there are plenty of benches where you can relax and wait for the sunset.

Old Town

I love the old town for several reasons, one is that some streets are car free here especially during winter, allowing for a leisurely stroll as I window shop, take photos, or have a quick espresso freddo stop. Another reason is that it is brimming with charm and pretty spots. The shops and cafes are all decorated so prettily that this definitely a paradise for instagrammers.

I am sure these streets are especially pretty when all the bougainvilleas have bloomed, but still wonderful without the blooms right?

It's beautiful in the morning and enchanting at night.


Fee: 6 euro (Winter), 12 euro (Summer)

Hours: 8:00 - 17:00 (Winter Hours)

8:00 - 19:00 (Summer Hours)

Address: T.K 21052 Ligourio, Epidauros (Prefecture of Argolida)

If you love walking as much as we do, then you will cover a lot in Nafplio. We have explored all the aforementioned places by foot except for this one, the Epidauros.This is the only site we went that we took a transportation.

A Unesco World Heritage Site, the most significant structure in Epidauvros is the Ancient Theater known for its amazing acoustic and impressive symmetry. Maintained really well, it has surely stand the test of time, and still being used for performances.

We had such a wonderful time in Nafplio, that I know when the quarantine is over we will plan another visit to see the Old Town in full bloom and other sites we didn't manage to see during our first visit.


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